Mentor Lane

Together with the Mentor Lane team, we developed a highly effective and target-based way to match like-minded people with each other. The result is a perfect match with a mentor who provides decisive advice and connection with other people. We took Mentor Land from idea to launched product.

The Challenge

For Mentor Lane it was important to make the digital experience and the events both educating and exciting to participate.
They were looking for the most effective and targeted-based way to match like-minded people and be a helpful assistant on their journey to their goals.

Our Approach

We started with an in-depth business analysis and personas creation to get to know the ideal customers. The key part was capturing and reporting market research data for analyzing market demands. Together with customers we worked on a pilot version to create an intuitive user interface that is straight to the point and easy to use.

The Outcome

Through the Aufschwung Messe Convention we were able to increase the visibility to the local press among others. The live matching was well received and gave many entrepreneurs the opportunity to direct their questions towards more experienced entrepreneurs.