Since 2012 the.right.idea is a close team of business strategists and financial experts based in Mannheim, Germany and Utrecht, Netherlands.
We are passionate about partnering with big and small companies, organizations and NPOs to provide the right expertise to successfully launch, scale or improve their business.
We also create ventures on our own.

What drives us

Make it better

We are a value-driven company. This value remains continuous in everything we do, across all touchpoints with our clients and the work we do for them. It drives our decision-making process and, ultimately, forms our end result.

Keep it simple

We are comitted to simplicity when we interact with our clients because we cherish clearity and a mutual understanding: for the briefing, the concept, and, most important, the execution.

Ask more questions

We believe that asking a ton of questions helps to distinguish good thoughts from the bad ones. Through the process, a strong concept will withstand the stress test and help to reshape the original idea to a better outcome.

Work the agile way

We are working across offices in the Netherlands and Germany as well as having clients across the globe. Working with the agile methodology and tools like Slack allow us to keep track of all alerts, tasks and project iterations.
We trust in the new way of work.

Colin Berr,
CEO at Mentor Lane

“the.right.idea has a secret sauce: it’s curiosity, packed with exceptional craftsmanship. Their engagement always strives to empower the people and the organizations, working towards progress.”


Albert Schiemann 

Albert Schiemann has over a decade of experience with designing and building high-quality products that people love.
For dozens of innovative companies such as Mentor Lane, Divino or Wolters Kluwer, Albert provided the deciding strategies, tools, and designs to launch or extend their products and services successfully and disruptively.
Being an active member of the creative community, he organized inspiring small and big events such as CodeReview or the XCamp Conference in 2017.
He is an author, mentor, and thinker but before anything else, he proved himself as a true entrepreneur who started his own ventures in different industries such as Handshake Payment, RentalDrone, or Unbox Conference.

Thomas Friedrich 

In the last 6 years, Thomas Friedrich started over 4 different companies and ventures, hired the best talent for innovative companies, and mastered the financials of many companies in different industries.
He proved this multi-talent many times such as by founding a digital agency, launching a drone-renting company, handling the financials of an internationally acting company in Dubai and successfully post-merge-integrating the award-winning company Aboalarm and preis24 into Germany’s biggest consumer platform Verivox.
He was and is a true team leader in growth-oriented roles at Fay Projects, Aboalarm, and the.right.idea  where he transformed many clients’ companies into digital-first powerhouses.