We contribute to everything from starting your business, finding your own voice and understanding your customers and help you to be successful from idea to realization.

We offer all types of financial services including advanced post-merger-integration, liquidity and financing, controlling, reporting as well as efficient and thoughtful support with your financial processes. 

Scenarios and Services

New Project

At first we're gaining a good understanding of your company in close collaboration with you and all stakeholders. We tailor our approach in alignment with the company guidelines to ensure the best outcome.

Stakeholder Management, Project Management, Experience Strategy, Production Planning, Wireframing, Prototyping, Google Venture Design Sprints, Creative Sessions, Design Thinking, Controlling & Reporting

New Venture

Launching your own product or service can be hard and that is why we are here as a mentor for you. You can benefit from our year-long expertise and we guide you to avoid pit holes.

Business Planning, Elevator Pitch, Model Business Canvas, Customer & Competition Research, Personas and Scenarios, Prioritization, Financing, Click Dummy & Prototyping, Sales Strategy, Marketing Strategy

Company Integration / Reorganization

We ensure that the transition will be as smooth as possible. We dedicate time and thought to together define what is the right new course is — to tranform your company for the future.

Liquidity and Financing, Post-MergerControlling & Reporting, Change Management, HR & Recruitment Solutions, Agile/SCRUM Coaching, Design Thinking

Business Scaling

We work with you to review your market and identify opportunities, and we evaluate your goals and budgets to create a roadmap that helps to scale your business to the next level.

Value Ladder Building, Predictable Revenue Strategy, Subscription or Diverse Income Strategies, Leadership, Management Building, Sales, Marketing, HR & Recruitment Solutions

Partnership Models

Collaborative Teams

Our first priority is to ensure we build a trustworthy relationship together. We want to invest in you and your business. We conduct co-creation workshops and invite you for feedback on every iteration of our product or service development. This leads to a solid foundation for your business to overcome risks and strategize your way to go.

Embedded Teams

We are here to evolve your team and your business. We don't shy away from working closely alongside your own team, on the contrary, we encourage it. We like relationships, commitment, and straightforward communication. It is our mission to support, augment and co-create with you and your team and chart a clear course forward.

In-House Teams

Part of any successful business is to know when it's time for building or extending the internal design, development or financial team. Through years of experience in these fields, we have a keen understanding of what a leading, exceptional team has to look like. We partner with you to plan, recruit, and train your in-house teams.


It's a process that gets your team working towards a common goal, solidifying and defending the best ideas and reshaping the way of thinking. We provide the tools and methods to execute your vision. Sometimes unplugging and grabbing the sticky notes can help to crystallize the company's true purpose, its market promise, and its value to consumers.